SNUGGLE-PEDIC Mattress Review 2022

Best SnugglePedic Mattress Review 2022

snuggle pedic mattress review 2021
snuggle pedic mattress review 2021

Snuggle-Pedic Mattress ✅
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This Is surely the final purchaser's guide for snuggle peddic mattresses ! In this evaluation, I’ll be taking a have a look at the new mattress from Snuggle-Pedic, a business enterprise devoted to helping its customers take rate of their health with higher sleep. To do that, the store’s infused its namesake bed with ultra-breathable materials, supposed to maintain matters feeling cool all night time long.

But just how well does the Snuggle-Pedic stay up to this aim? I gained’t recognize till I’ve placed it to the take a look at, assessing everything from its strain alleviation to its movement transfer to figure out if it'd simply be the bed of your dreams!

The Snuggle-Pedic is constructed with  layers of foam, measuring up to a complete 10” of comfort. While the construction would possibly seem pretty normal for an all-foam mattress, what sets this bed aside is its unique airflow machine, composed of an aerated top layer of reminiscence foam and air channels along the poly foam help phase.

The cowl is made normally of bamboo, an eco-friendly material that’s brilliant at cooling and wicking moisture far from the body. It’s also smooth to the touch and snaps again into region effectively.

Comfort Layer – Built with 3” of memory foam, the consolation layer is gentle and has a slow response to stress. As your body presses in and thru this deposit, the fabric’s probably to contour to your shoulders and hips, providing you with a few fine comfort. While memory foam has a bit of a reputation for overheating, Snuggle-Pedic has controlled to mitigate this via aerating the layer to encourage airflow.

Support Layer – Directly under the consolation layer, you’ll find a 7” segment of excessive-density poly foam. This layer acts as the inspiration of the bed, giving it its form and sturdiness. An exciting characteristic of this section is the collection of grooves that run throughout its floor, which paintings in tandem with the aerated comfort layer and micro-vented cowl to create the mattress’s breathable AirFlow Transfer device. Snuggle-Pedic claims that this system imbues its bed with one hundred times extra airflow than other all-foam mattresses, helping to lessen body warmth construct-up in the course of the structure.

Snuggle Peddic FIRMNESS ?

After taking a look at the development of the Snuggle-Pedic, allow’s chat about the firmness and feel. I started off by way of applying mild hand pressure to the mattress and located that I become straight away interacting with the mild reminiscence foam pinnacle layer. The fabric contoured round my hand, imparting me with a few pleasant remedy. Pressing in similarly, I encountered the firm basis, which lifted me out of the bed.
Since parents of various styles and sizes have a tendency to experience firmness differently, I decided to usher in 3 different testers to assist me parent out how firm the Snuggle-Pedic is. To try this, we every took a turn mendacity on the mattress, gave it a non-public firmness score and then compiled them on the graph beneath.

 Back Sleeper ?

Back – Lying on my lower back, I may want to without a doubt sense myself sinking into the bed. The memory foam did an incredible job of filling in the area at my lower lower back, bringing me a few splendid strain comfort t my lumbar vicinity. I might notice that whilst the contouring provided me with some exceptional comfort in this role, it did make it sort of tough to move around.

Edge Support – Scooting as near the edge of the bed as I may want to, I detected a few deep compression through the foam layers. While that is to be anticipated from a mattress like this, the dearth of strong aid at the threshold is some thing to be aware, specially for couples who will want to apply the whole surface area of the mattress.

        Side Sleeper?

Side – Rolling onto my facet, I felt some outstanding stress comfort because the reminiscence foam contoured to my shoulders and hips. Strict side sleepers have a tendency to decide upon softer beds as they cushion the ones touchy areas, so I assume the Snuggle-Pedic may be a incredible choice for people who doze ordinarily on their sides.

         Stomach Sleeper?

Stomach – Though the memory foam does wonders for side sleepers, the same can’t always be said for stomach sleepers who want a firmer bed to hold the spine in a nice alignment. Here, I could feel my hips sinking out of line with my shoulders, ensuing in a piece of pain.

In trendy, memory foam has an inclination of going for walks warm at some stage in the night. The makers of Snuggle-Pedic have evolved a patented air go with the flow switch layout to help keep you cool and allow breathability for your bed all night time long. Their slogan is “The Mattress that Breathes.” We could be setting this slogan to the test in our Snuggle-Pedic Mattress overview and see if it lives as much as its claim.

Snuggle-Pedic is one of the many mattresses made by Relief-Mart, who no longer best makes memory foam mattresses, however in addition they manufacture air adjustable, latex and hybrid mattresses as well. All of those mattresses are advanced through a Chiropractor that focuses on returned pain. Dr. Rick Swartzburg has nearly 20 years of experience in ache remedy and product improvement for Relief-Mart, Inc., the determine organisation of Snuggle-Pedic. Additionally, Snuggle-Pedic also gives sleep accessories which include pillows, memory foam toppers, bed protectors and pillow covers.

Snuggle-Pedic is the top-rated bed via demonstrated Amazon reviewers for three years going for walks,with each mattress made inside the U.S.A. From pinnacle to bottom in their Southern California factories. Because they make every mattress, they've the capacity to do custom changes ought to the mattress no longer paintings nicely for you in any way. In truth, Relief-Mart can make mattresses that you can without difficulty wander away in. For example, one among their custom beds is 10 x 12 Ft. With a mattress that size, you received’t should fear about your children coming in to sleep in your mattress. There might be plenty of area for all and sundry.

The Snuggle-Pedic bed is a traditional memory foam bed with masses of brilliant functions.Let’s test the construction of this breathable mattress.

Kool-Flow Bamboo Breathable cowl: Their proprietary Kool-Flow cover is made of an eco-friendly viscose bamboo, polyester and lycra. Along with being eco-friendly, bamboo is also inherently dust mite resistant and wicks away moisture. The micro-vent stitching during the cloth provides to the breathability and permit the air to glide from the layers beneath. The cowl has a totally soft, stretchy sense and may be unzipped and removed effortlessly for washing.

Three” Snuggle-Flex reminiscence foam: This has a greater buoyant feel than normal reminiscence foam but it still has a slower response while you lay down. This layer has aerated holes to permit the air to glide and preserve you cool at some point of the night.

Base Foam: This is a company support layer that has channels in it that allows air to go with the flow and absolutely flow into when speaking with the aerated foam above.

The Snuggle-Pedic has a memory foam sense with a bit more buoyancy. When you to start with lay down at the mattress you'll slowly sink in. This will provide superb stress relief, however, you received’t get that stuck inside the mud feeling as with a few different memory foams.

This bed has greater of a medium experience normal, however has a softer surface feel and plushness. (They use a 25% less assailable ILD base than most other Bed-In-A-Box companies. So even though it feels greater plush, you won’t sink into the bottom as plenty when you lie at the bed). Some heavier people and stomach sleepers that pick a firmer bed can also want to take gain of their loose customization coverage. They accomplish this even though use in their modular cowl system to ship re-enforced layering so that you can get the aid wished.

We experience one of the nice matters approximately this bed is the adjustability. If you aren't completely happy with the feel of the froth they may send you a replacement in an effort to higher match your desires at no additional value to you. We felt that the patented airflow transfer device labored very well and supplied exquisite temperature balancing blessings all night time long. I study in a few critiques that it slept warm and desired to point out that due to the aeration its satisfactory to have a bed protector and sheets which are breathable as nicely. If you don’t, the airflow transfer system may not work.


Snuggle-Pedic offers a longer than average sleep trial at one hundred twenty nights. It comes with a pleasure assure assuring your experience with Snuggle-Pedic will turn out to be a advantageous one, even if the bed does now not healthy your needs such as you notion it'd. Like many bed businesses Snuggle-Pedic gives loose returns however even better, absolutely free custom modifications to make certain that the mattress does work like you had was hoping it'd. That excessive stage of carrier is simply now not found in some other groups and not just due to the fact many agencies do not have the producing facility that Snuggle-Pedic has, but instead due to the effort and time that is going into fully customizing a bed to each patron’s unique needs. That makes Snuggle-Pedic a virtually chance unfastened choice compared to other corporations so one can take the bed again, however in the manner, positioned you lower back to rectangular 1 at the same time as you scramble to once more try and find a bed on the way to with any luck healthy most of your wishes in preference to a bed being made to suit your desires as a unique character.


Snuggle-pedic gives a guarantee that is stricter than most–in favor of the patron! They take into account whatever ¾ inch or more as sag, whilst many different bed corporations received’t honor some thing below 1-1.5″, making Snuggle-Pedic doubly as strict approximately first-class. Additionally, Snuggle-Pedic is presenting an extended than common 20 yr guarantee, with the primary 10 years being non-prorated.


Snuggle-Pedic offers unfastened delivery anywhere within the continental U.S., in addition to maximum addresses in Hawaii and Alaska. They ship within 1-3 enterprise days thru UPS or USPS ground, expect your new bed to arrive in 2-five business days.

Customer Service:

Snuggle-Pedic appears to position the customer first. The majority of the client critiques I saw on line showed a tremendous revel in whilst handling customer support aid. Even those few who did not choose the bed had a incredible enjoy with the customer service branch.