Best Mattress for Kids

Best Mattress for Kids

Sleep is important for a kid’s health and well being. Several research have found that ok sleep affects reminiscence, immune machine responsiveness or even college overall performance. When shopping for the nice bed to your childtoddler or babyconsider the first-rate of materials together with the mattress kind and level of firmness. Ideally, you’ll need to shop for a mattress that your child can develop with for numerous years. Use our baby mattress consumers guide beneath that will help you to your shopping journey. Shopping for the quality mattress for children would possibly look like a easy and painless mannerhowever are you actually choosing the most appropriate bed in your child? Sleep behavior vary among children of every age, and taking time to choose the right mattress might be greater important than you imagined. There are so many intricacies which are involved with selecting the fine bed to your children, so how do you realize that is exceptional? In this manual, we’re going to focus on the important thing elements that will help you find the maximum wholesomecomfortable, and first-rate universal bed for your children.

Mattrelux recommends the following mattresses for kids:

Best Foam Mattress for Kids

Casper Essential

The Casper essential uses a mix of poly foam and memory foam to provide a balanced feel. The mattress does a good job of sleeping cool and comes in at a value price. 

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Layla Mattress

The Layla is a memory foam mattress that allows sleepers to sink deep into bed, a big advantage for the side sleepers out there that need to focus on pressure relief. The Layla is a flippable mattress that gives sleepers the choice of soft or firm support levels. Regardless of the side you select, the Layla uses a copper infused memory foam that’s not only comfortable but also does a good job drawing heat away from the sleeper.
Along with its cooling benefit the copper infusion is anti microbial and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for kids. So with two support level options, great pressure relief and cooling, the Layla is a great choice for the side sleepers out there.

Best Memory Foam Mattress


The Bear Mattress uses an all foam construction to provide a surprisingly supportive feel that is great for back and stomach sleeping. The firm feel means the sleepers hips will be well supported, which helps maintain spine alignment.

The Bear has a memory foam comfort layer to provide some contouring around the body, which helps avoid the formation of pressure points. While many memory foams can be known for trapping body heat, the Bear uses a graphite infused foam that helps draw heat away from the sleeper and dissipate body heat throughout the night.

Best Cooling Mattress for Kids

Brooklyn Bowery

The Goldilocks problem of trying to find the perfect temperature can be a big reason that kids have a tough time getting to sleep. When it comes to staying asleep, children are no different when it comes to overheating and kicking off the covers during the middle of the night.
The Brooklyn Bowery does a great job of helping to dissipate body heat through the night thanks to the comfort layer of energex foam, a latex alternative that sleeps much cooler than the memory foam mattresses out there. The Bowery also has the added bonus of nice mobility, so the sleeper can adjust their position comfortably, without feeling stuck in the layers of the mattress.

Best for Combo Sleepers


The Leesa has an all foam construction that provides a nice medium firm mix of support and pressure relief. The comfort foam (the one closest to the sleeper) is a latex alternative that has a quick response to pressure, providing good mobility. The comfort layer is directly above a 2″ layer of memory foam, meaning sleepers will get the pressure relief of the memory foam, without having to worry about feeling stuck in the mattress while adjusting their position. With solid mobility and a medium firmness, the Leesa is a great choice for the combination sleepers out there.

Best for Back Sleepers

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress

The Amerisleep AS2 has a firmer feel that’s great for back sleepers
Proper support and alignment are important when it comes to  children’s beds. The Amerisleep AS2 is an all foam bed that uses a firmer feel to keep hips from sinking into the mattress, meaning the hips and shoulders are in alignment. This support is great for growing children. The Amerisleep AS2 also has a bit of memory foam as well, so it’s not just firm as a board, but comfortable as well.

Best Firm Mattress for Kids

Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle is an all foam construction consisting of two layers. The mattress provides a medium firmness and does a good job of temperature regulation to help with sleeping cool. Click here to check out my full review of the Tuft & Needle.

Best Natural Mattress for Kids


The Spindle is made of three layers of Dunlop latex, creating a bouncy mattress that sleeps cool. The Spindle can be adjusted for firmness and the company offers comfort adjustments up to one year after purchase. Click here to read my full review of the Spindle mattress.


Growing Bodies and Mattress Size

As a child gets older, their frame will develop. This ought to no longer imply buying a new bed each 12 months because of the outgrowing of their cutting-edge mattress. One of the most crucial elements whilst selecting the fine bed to your youngsters is mattress size. The smaller the mattress, the quicker it's far outgrown. Twin, twin XL, or massive mattresses are normally the great picks for kids. Additionally, the twin and dual XL are going to be the most low-priced. While a full bed is a piece more highly-priced, it does function an exquisite length to permit for increase all of the manner to maturity. Additionally, when your kids are young, a full bed permits you to without problems lie with them, yet it additionally lets in for them to develop into the mattress and keep the consistent comfort of the identical adolescence bed. A splendid mattress can final eight-12 years. It may cost a little bit extra initiallybut the benefit in your child’s long-time period health and sleep may be nicely well worth it.

Many children experience painterrible dozing habits, and a large number of different uncomfortable sleep-associated troubles. These issues tend to be without delay correlated to a low-fine mattress that offers minimum comfort for the child. Hand-me-downs and reasonably-priced mattresses have a tendency to be the underlying motive of poor sleep. Although a better-fitting bed may be a bit pricier, it is worth the value in the end. If a younger boy or lady is forced to sleep on an uncomfortable mattressthey are able to broaden poor sleep behavior at a younger age. If a high-quality bed is bought, the comfort tiers generally tend to skyrocket for the childrengrowing an easier night’s rest. High-best sleep is extraordinarily essential for a child’s fitness. The gain for your child goes properly past just sleep. Quality sleep influences their college overall performancetemper degree, and a litany of other correlated factors. Good sleep creates right kids.

How to choose a mattress for a child ?

1. Select the right size

Choosing which length bed to buy will rely on your infant’s age, size and how lengthy you propose on having your baby use the bed

Crib bed measurements: 28” x fifty two” 
Twin mattress measurements: 38” x seventy five” 
Twin XL bed measurements: 38” x 80” 
Full mattress measurements: fifty four” x seventy five

Baby and crib mattresses

If you’re looking for a bed for your new baby, you’ll need to have your crib equipped. Crib mattresses have a minimal size but may also vary barelyso that you’ll need to have the dimensions of your crib on hand while you store for a bed.

Toddler mattresses

Toddler beds can assist your baby transition from the crib to a “large child” bed. A little one bed includes a low railing or partial railing to hold your baby from rolling away from bed. Toddler beds may additionally help you sense better approximately your baby’s security during the nightbut they aren’t constantly vital. Some mother and father choose to cross instantly for a preferred twin mattress for their little one.

Kids mattresses

If you’re shopping for a mattress for a childyou have some greater options. A dual bed is the maximum commonplace bed length for a younger babyhowever some mother and father may additionally undertake a “room to develop” mind-set and buy a full bed that the child will be snug with into their teenager years. Twin XL mattresses also are to be had and provide extra period

2. Set a budget

Knowing how a good deal you’re inclined and able to spend will assist you cut down your seek. A dual mattress can cost everywhere from $one hundred to $1,000 and above, however most average innerspring mattresses are available among $three hundred–$500, at the same time as a memory foam mattress may additionally set you returned a piece greater
While it can be tempting to go along with the most inexpensive bed available, your cash will be fine spent on shopping a first-class mattress that your baby can develop with. A properly bed can closing 10 years or extrawhich means in case you buy the proper bed for a younger infantit may last them into their teen years. Paying extra cash upfront may additionally genuinely prevent cash in the end and save you the headache of having to purchase a newreasonably-priced mattress each few years.

3. Choose the type of mattress

Once you already know the dimensions of mattress you’re looking for and how much you’re inclined to spend, you’ll need to don't forget which type of mattress could be excellent on your baby. You have three most important alternatives: innerspring, foam and hybrid. Each of those mattresses comes with professionals and cons you’ll want to apprehend before you take the plunge.

Innerspring mattresses: 
Spring mattresses are a popular choice for each age organization. Innerspring mattresses have a longer lifespan than the other types on average, and can be harder for a kid to harm via roughhousing. They tend to be greater companystrong and supportive for most drowsing patterns.

Foam mattresses : 
Memory foam is brand newhowever it’s not endorsed for very younger kids (infants and babies). However, an older baby may revel in the adaptive nature of memory foam, specially if they’re a aspect sleeper. Be aware that memory foam mattresses are regarded for off-gassing, which could reason a robust scent for the first several weeks of use. While off-gassing isn't dangerous, the smell may be disruptive to sleep. A room with suitable air flow and airflow will help the scent burn up greater quick. If you choose a foam mattressmake sure to search for one that makes a speciality of good enough guide and alignment similarly to the pressure relief and luxury the mattresses are known for.

Hybrid mattresses: 
A hybrid mattress may be a terrific desire for a determine seeking out the strong guide of an innerspring bed with the cushier sense of foam.

Organic mattresses: 
Some mattresses, specifically foam and hybrid modelsmay additionally attention on “natural materials.” An natural mattress may be chemical loose, hypoallergenic, flame resistant and/or biodegradable. Organic crib mattresses come extraordinarily endorsed as they're safer for babies. Searching for a bed the specializes in the integrity in their substances and production will by no means be time wasted.

4. Determine the right firmness level

Mattress firmness is a specifically vital consideration for infants and younger kids. A corporation mattress is usually recommended for children under 18 months old for protection and right development. Once your toddler is some years vintage it actually will become a matter of private choicemuch like it is for adults. A firm bed isn’t the simplest alternative for proper assist. A suitable plush mattress will be designed for spinal guide and alignment similar to a corporation mattress might be. Let your baby lay on a few distinctive bed sorts in a store or showroom and get an know-how of what they locate most comfortable.

5. Make sure it is durable

From jumping at the bed to spilling nighttime snacks, youngsters are tougher on mattresses than adults. Most mattresses will final approximately 10 years, which include innerspring, foam and hybrid typesbut the overall lifespan of your mattress will rely upon the substances used. Look for excessive excellent thick foam or wrapped metallic coils, or keep in mind opting for a latex mattresses, or bed with latex layers, which might be said to closing a few years longer than the common mattress. Flipping and rotating the bed will also help ensure it wears flippantly. Investing in a excessive fine bed and shopping a mattress protector (particularly if bed wetting is a subject), will move far in extending the life of your baby’s mattress.


Although comfort and guide are often interpreted as the identical dynamic, they're completely specific subjects.
A supportive bed will assist preserve correct spinal alignment in the course of the night timeeven as consolation deals extra with desire regarding feel and firmness. If a baby is not supported properly at some point of their night’s restit may inhibit normal boom and have other negative impacts on their health. As a infant grows, it is extraordinarily essential that their mattress helps their increase

Additionally, as the kid receives older, you ought to interact them in the purchasing system. Once your toddler reaches a certain age, they could typically describe their sound asleep styleswhether or not it’s on their backbelly, or aspect. Some mattresses are higher- or worse-perfect for distinctive sleeping positions. For instancea very soft mattress isn't always ideal for belly sleepers, and a super-company bed can create strain factors and poor guide for side sleepers. As you youngsters grow old and start to expand a more regular sleeping fashionthese positional choices turn out to be more critical when choosing the first-class bed.

What Kind of Mattress Is the Best for Kids?

Parents usually use twin, twin XL, or full mattresses for kids. Ultimately, the mattress you choose will depend on factors including how your child sleeps, how much space you have, and your budget. But the best mattress for kids will:

Provide room for growth
Provide ideal comfort and long-lasting quality
Provide exceptional support for healthy growth
Provide varying feel and firmness levels (especially important for older kids who have an established sleeping style/position)
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